In Latvia, non-bank lenders offer various types of loans: quick loans, consumer loans, car loans and real estate loans. The repayment period varies, with fast loans mostly offering money from 30 days to 24 months, consumer loans mostly from 2 to 3 years and auto loans up to 60 months. Loan repayments are offered up to several years for the purchase or repair of real estate.

Quick credits can be applied for within 15 minutes

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You need to register on the lender’s website, make a registration payment and apply for a loan. If so, the money will be credited to the borrower’s bank account. There are some fast credit companies in Latvia that offer loans with a maturity of up to 24 months. The most popular fast credit companies are Verlvosa Personal Loan and Credit24.

Credit24 offers loans from 50 € to 3000 € and Verlvosa Personal Loan from 50 € to 1500 €. Both lenders calculate the credit limit amount for each client individually, taking into account several factors such as the client’s credit history and monthly income.

Verlvosa Personal Loan offers loans to Latvian residents

Verlvosa Personal Loan offers loans to Latvian residents

From 20 to 75 years, Credit24 to Latvian residents from 18 years. Verlvosa Personal Loan is open every day from 7:00 to 24:00 and Credit24 from 8:00 to 22:00.

Loans for 24 months are offered by several credit companies. Consumer credit is definitely more advantageous in the longer term than 30-day fast credit. To apply for a loan, you need to fill out an online application form and wait for an answer. If the answer is affirmative then the loan agreement will have to be signed electronically or at the client company in question. For more detailed information on loans with a repayment term of 24 months, we recommend that you compare credit companies and choose the most advantageous one.



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