On the household debt spiral

I think that many of you watch TV programs, especially economic ones, confirming Poles
In the belief that the economy is doing well, stock market results are climbing up, the USD is growing in strength.

But many millions of Poles do not feel positive trends in the economy, living from day to day, struggling with loans, often already recovered by bailiffs and debt buying companies.

As a financial advisor, I often meet such people


They come and ask – please save me. But when I pick up the loan agreements and analyze the amount of liabilities, in most cases I can do nothing.

Often, the amount of loan installments several times exceeds the income – a person earning e.g. USD 900 it has to pay monthly installments of approximately USD 3,000.
Banks that gave money left and right without analyzing the client’s home budget, now turned away from him and do not want to help him. 

But to a large extent this situation is borne by the borrowers themselves.
Guilty because they did not take care of their wallet, they were not interested in the household budget at all, they lived from day to day, not only eating the money they earned, but also those from loans.

As a financial advisor, having a deep respect for my clients

As a financial advisor, having a deep respect for my clients

I would like to ask all of you, dear clients, for a very important thing. Now that banks have tightened their lending terms, don’t run around all the banks, because each application is checked and recorded in the BIK. And when a customer, e.g. one day, visits three banks, signs a data processing statement, is checked and dealt with negatively, I can safely say that the next banks will immediately reject the application.

Find one financial advisor, preferably with a certificate of the European Federation of Financial Professionals, when applying for a loan, tell the whole truth about the state of your obligations, which can shorten the processing time and also immediately diagnose whether it makes sense to waste time submitting your application.

And for those already in debt, I have the following suggestion. Do not ask yourself: where could I get another loan, ask yourself another question: “how could I earn extra money?” And I firmly believe that you will find this answer.

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